Luxshare Testing Battery Department successfully passed the IFM 2021 annual proficiency test

2022/07/12 17:39

Recently, Shenzhen Luxshare Testing Co., Ltd. received the proficiency testing analysis report issued by IFM. The report shows that Luxshare Testing, as a battery laboratory, participated in the proficiency testing of "battery external short circuit test" organized by IFM in 2021. The test results are all " satisfy".


Introduction to IFM

IFM is a proficiency testing organization designated by the International Electrotechnical Commission Electrotechnical Product Safety Certification System (IECEE), and is currently one of the most authoritative proficiency testing providers in the world.

The satisfactory results of this proficiency test show that Luxshare Testing's testing technical capabilities in this project have reached the international advanced level, and can provide accurate and reliable testing results, and guarantee the testing and certification services of battery products with excellent technical capabilities!